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Grow More Trees

Carbon fuels climate change. Trees chew up carbon.

Help the experts plant, protect & restore our forests. This month, make a commitment to support trees by helping the experts plant, protect and restore our forests.

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Grow More Trees

Over the next month, how will you support projects that protect and restore the worlds’ trees?

Grow More Trees

Cutting carbon pollution is one part of the solution. But we also need to absorb the carbon already overheating the planet. There’s one very effective way to do this: trees. And lots of them.

Forests are one of nature’s greatest forces. By helping the experts to plant, protect and restore our forests you can contribute to what could be one of the most cost effective and achievable solutions to the climate crisis and loss of wildlife.


    The best way you can help is to support the organisations who have the skills, science and networks needed to look after our forests on a global scale. Credible organisations carefully consider the type of tree, location, and the impact on nature and local communities. They also report their impact, so you can see how your actions have helped.

    It can take decades for a tree to grow large enough to absorb meaningful amounts of carbon, so focus on projects that protect and restore the forests we already have (especially tropical forests), like Trillion Trees, World Land Trust, Conservation International, and many more. You can also help to reduce the impact of farming on deforestation by taking steps like Cut Food Waste and Eat More Veggies.

    And don’t forget to ask your employer, politicians, schools, communities and friends to join in - everyone loves a tree!


    Our world wouldn’t work without trees. Forests clean our air and water, normalise our weather patterns, provide food and medicine, and even prevent flooding. They are home to pollinators and wildlife, at a time when millions of species face the threat of extinction. Planting and protecting trees gives nature room to breathe.

    Forests also provide livelihoods for local communities, including indigenous people in remote parts of the world.

    Many experts agree that trees are the most effective way to capture and store carbon. Every year, forests chew up one-third of the carbon pollution we create by burning fossil fuels. Unfortunately, we’re losing our forests fast, and that could lead to the world’s total carbon emissions increasing by as much as 15%.

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